Choose Practicality

From our experience we know how important it is for the system to be easy to assemble and practical. What we present you here is the most practical option on the market you may choose. With our air ventilation system you minimise the service expenses in future.

The NEST air distribution system is a modular system. This allows you to build the system just as you need it and create various routes. This way you can install an air ventilation distribution system without having to compromise the design, as ducts in individual rooms may be arranged in lines.

The final shape of the NEST multiport fittings is completely up to you and your needs. We offer flanges with linear or bottom connection and blind bayonets or bayonets with holes for ducts with the option to be blinded if you decide not to use a duct. 

Opt for Ecological and Durable Material

Our air distribution system consists of a natural and ecological PLA material with long service of life. This material is safe and does not relieve any harmful substances. The material we use meets the highest standards of quality and is approved for food contact. 

Count on Cleanness of Components

While designing the components we took into account the following need to keep the distribution system clean. The NEST system is designed without apertures in which dust, bacteria and other contaminants may gather. 

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