Airflow Regulation

A plenum box with a regulation is a must when you want to achieve an even pressure and evenly aired inhouse climate throughout the whole building as in the vast majority of buildings airflow rate in ducts is not even.

Plenum Box

This regulation will prevent you from differences in temperatures caused by high velocity of the air inside of the ducts which is then unable to cool down or heat up.

Curves contribute to pressure drops, the airflow on the long routes slows down and the air is cooling down. This may cause even a 2°C difference in the supply air in the room and a feeling of discomfort. Choose the NEST plenum box to avoid this inconvenience. The NEST plenum box will take care of evenly air climate and prevent you from draft caused by uneven and too strong airflow rate.

Airtight and Firm Connection with the Duct

Choose the plenum box by NEST as you can be sure that ducts will stay inserted in the plenum box as you left them using our safety locks which come in three colors enabling you to differentiate between supply and exhaust air.

Safety Locks

Fixate the ducts into a plenum box with safety locks and be sure they won’t move. Don’t worry that electricians, heating technicians, or plasterboard installers might damage your work while doing theirs. 

Common plenum boxes do not offer airtight connection with the duct like ours and this might cause air flowing into rafters or even swirling of the wool insulation. Choose the NEST plenum box to avoid various air-handling problems.

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