Multiport fittings

Endless options

Flexibility without limits

Multiport fittings

The main advantage is the freedom you have while planning and constructing routes. Any number of ports can be attached.

No need to use the sealing material. Once connected, parts are airtight. Moreover, assembling is a very easy process.

Create complex systems in a minute. You don’t have to follow predefined templates. Connect and create more complex systems without limitations. Add a row and a blank flange to a bayonet and create a new route instead, dismantle and start again.

How to Assemble NEST Ventilation System

Multiport Fittings that make your job easier

With the right parts you can assemble ideal multiport fittings. The final composition is completely up to you. Don’t worry about the sealing – anchoring material is a part of the package. 

Multiport fittings

Multiport Fittings Assembly Options

Need another row? No problem.

Assemble ideal multiport fitting

Choose a single-row or a double-row multiport fitting. The second row is easily attached using a connecting part.