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we are here to help you

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Tongue and groove joints ensure airtight connection between parts. For a high pressure air ventilation system treat joints with adhesive material. 

The NEST system allows you to connect a number of boxes together, therefore this system does not have a flow limitation. In case you plan a complex project, refer to us and we will provide you with a detailed suggested design.

Currently we have 75mm or 90mm diameter ducts on offer.

Each of our components consists of a non-toxic, highly hygienic and eco-friendly plastic.

Yes, every duct has an antibacterial surface finish.

Each of the components is designed to be hygienic and easy to clean above all. We offer a cleaning machine for rent when necessary or we can recommend you the choice of one. 

In case of a failure, this system is able to hold condensed water in ducts. Antibacterial finish ensures that bacteria, viruses or moulds do not propagate and remain on the wet surface.

Yes. As a part of our services we offer a custom-made production of air ventilation fittings and other components. Contact our sales department to get a price quotation for your requirement. 

After additional insulation against condensation from outside, this system is able to distribute cold air. Air temperature cannot exceed 50°C during the heating process.

No. When installing in a building where you cannot prevent sun exposure, it is inevitable to shadow or insulate the system.

Yes, but be careful so that the concrete vibrator does not damage individual components. 

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