Ventilation Ducts

Flexible, non-toxic & Antibacterial


FLEX PREMIUM is a green bactericidal duct with 150 silver ppm. This duct not only repulses bacteria and viruses but also kills them. The contact layer contains other metals as copper and other biologically active mixtures.

FLEX PREMIUM is a very flexible and tractable duct. High quality material ensures it is non-toxic and completely safe to use at your home.


Get FLEX PROFI in black colour. 20 silver ppm provides a bacteriostatic material which ensures clean surface repulsive towards bacteria and viruses. 

Its flexibility guarantees easy manipulation and installation. Non-toxic composition provides a safe solution for your system. The material is so safe that it was approved for food contact.

Why is FLEX a good idea?

Our Strong Points

FLEX ducts consist of elastic plastic materials and are antistatic.

No expansion joint material is required during installation.

FLEX is a safe choice for your health approved by National Institute of Public Health.

Non-recycled material

Nest Flex heat and noise insulation

Insulated ducts

We offer you the option to use Nest Flex in uninsulated roof frame.

Standardly we recommend a 500mm variant (⌀504mm out) but based on different requirements of your construction, a 250mm (⌀254mm out) variant is available too.

We use a cotton of a great quality and density.

Using an insulation allows you to use our ducts in:

✔️  air conditioning

✔️  air heating

✔️  commercial use with fluctuating temperature

✔️  places with fluctuating temperature (roof frame, etc)

For saving time and effort order a completely pre-insulated duct for a supplementary charge as a part of our premium service.


FLEX in a nutshell

Haven’t decided yet? Here’s a quick comparison. 



Ingenious ventilation ducts

Practical & effective

Silver structure ensures antibacterial effect. 

High flexibility allows easy manipulation. Minimal bending radius (0,25m) lets you create tortuous routes. 

Double-wall duct construction eliminates noise caused by air flow.

Inner surface material ensures high airflow with low pressure drops. It is also antistatic, so don’t worry that dust will dwell inside.


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